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The Board’s Role in Managing Third-Party Relationships

Catherine A. Allen, Chairman and CEO, The Santa Fe Group, sat down with Erica Salmon Byrne, NYSE This Week in the Boardroom to discuss the impact third parties can have on overall organizational brand and reputation. In addition, Catherine discussed the board’s role in third-party risk assessment.

An Ever-More-Complicated Risk Landscape Vexes Corporate Directors

Santa Fe Group Chairman and CEO, Catherine Allen, recently spoke with Katherine Heires, GARP News, about the increased awareness and importance of risk management amongst boards. Read the full article

Chairman and CEO, Catherine A. Allen’s Views on the Rise of the Lawyer-Director

Knowing how to ask the right questions before acting, not just having the answers, is widely viewed as a crucial skill to have on the board. “Having a lawyer on the board helps to make sure a company walks an ethical line and that your company is asking the necessary questions around risk,” observes Catherine [...]

BYOD: The why and the how

Learn about the challenges involved in evaluating, deploying and maintaining BYOD programs in large organizations. Read the full Help Net Security interview by Robin Slade, Senior Vice President and COO and Brad Keller, SVP and Program Director, The Santa Fe Group

New Shared Assessments Tools Offer New Section for Assessing Mobile Device Risk, Evaluating the Maturity of Your Vendor Risk Management Program

The Shared Assessments Program released to the public the new Standard Information Gathering (“SIG”) questionnaire, Agreed Upon Procedures (“AUP”) and Vendor Risk Management Maturity Model (“VRMMM”) for 2013. The Tools will be available beginning Tuesday, February 19th. Read Press Release

Can Innovation Help Reduce Payments Risk?

Disaggregation of the payments value chain raises potential fraud threats, substantially increasing the need for more cooperation from industry players and regulators to ward off these threats. Read the full BAI Banking Strategies article by Janey Place and Gary Roboff.

Keeping Track of Your Vendors

The importance of key vendor relationships requires that banks monitor their vendor’s business activities and environment as closely as their own. Read the full BAI Banking Strategies article by Brad Keller

Transformation in the New Normal

Five years into the financial crisis, financial institutions must shift from simply recovering to changing their business in transformative ways. Read the full BAI Banking Strategies article by Catherine A. Allen

The Financial Impact of Breached Protected Health Information: A Business Case for Enhanced PHI Security

PHI data breaches are growing in frequency and in magnitude. Protecting valuable health data is an important business decision for all health care organizations. Authored by more than 100 health care industry leaders, this free report includes PHIve—a 5-step method to assess specific security risks and build a business case for the appropriate level of [...]

Reducing the Risks of Litigation

As becoming involved in lawsuits is typically not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ for banks today, institutions need to develop policies, procedures and practices to reduce the risks of such suits proceeding to trial. Read the full BAI Banking Strategies article by Bob Jones and Jodi Pratt